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DDoS protection by Akamai


Based on Akamai security services, the leading provider of DDoS mitigation solutions, we have developed effective protection at a fair price. With Cloud DDoS Mitigation, we are using the cloud principle as a DDoS solution for the first time. This means we are able to offer a low price starting at €199 / month, making it affordable even for smaller companies.

At Nimblu, we want our customers to stay agile and responsive. However, in today’s world, any online business, regardless of size or industry, is vulnerable to DDoS attacks. This means that a website becomes temporarily unavailable and can result in loss of both sales and reputation. However, many companies still forgo high-performance DDoS protection because they find the monthly costs too high.


From199EUR powered by

Cloud DDoS Mitigation – the benefits to you:

  • Low entry cost
  • Needs-oriented solution
  • Protection of the entire hosting infrastructure against DDoS attacks
  • DDoS Mitigation based on Akamai security services
  • Upgrade possible after the commitment has been exceeded within the contract period

Examples of the cloud principle


Low-cost DDoS protection through the cloud principle

The Cloud is characterised by high efficiency at low cost. As hardware resources are shared by multiple customers, they can be optimally utilised: the costs for the individual customer are lower.


Product details

Protocol: nearly all ports Protected areas: Online shop + entire hosted infrastructure
Common Clean Inbound: < 100 Mbit Common Attack Bandwidth: 2000 Gbit

How DDoS protection works

Cloud DDoS Mitigation protection is based on a permanent routing of incoming traffic to the Akamai infrastructure. There, the traffic is automatically filtered for DDoS and other attack patterns. Traffic cleaned in this way is then forwarded to the Nimblu infrastructure.

Malicious traffic can be detected early and filtered out so that it does not even reach the customer’s hosted systems. In addition, our customers always benefit from long-term protection of their systems with always-on.

Free e-book: Guard against DDoS attacks

What are DDoS attacks and how can you protect your business against them? Nimblu explains the topic in a clear and understandable way in an exclusive e-book.


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DDoS e-book

What is DDoS?

In IT, denial of service (DoS) is when an application denies access to its service due to an overload. This can be an operating system, internet access or even a hosting service. A DoS attack attempts to overload an application in order to harm the target of the attack. This can be an attack on a single server or even complete data networks.

The overload is caused either by a large number of requests within a very short time or by intelligent attack patterns. These originate at different points in order to get around the defence mechanisms of the target in the best possible way. Reasons for such attacks include extortion, damaging competition or political motives.

DDoS attacks (distributed denial of service) also rely on the attack happening from different locations. In order to achieve this, unprotected systems such as PCs, servers or networked devices (routers, printers, IoT devices) are infected with malicious software (bots) from which the attack is started remotely – unnoticed by the owner of the infected device.

Botnets are also used to describe a large number of distributed infected systems. Compared to DoS attacks, DDoS attacks are even more powerful and can even paralyse targets that have data centre protection. In addition, the origin of DDoS attacks can be difficult to identify.


Simplified illustration of DDoS attacks

In a DDoS attack, attack targets are "fired" with requests from a variety of distributed computing systems until they overload and fail.


DDoS: Most commonly affected industries



Why is DDoS protection important?

“It won’t affect me”; many companies still think that DDoS is only a problem for big and media-relevant targets. However, the experience of our customers has shown that every online business is, in principle, a target. After all, smaller companies in particular often do not have adequate protection and are therefore easier extortion targets.

As a result, we have developed the Cloud DDoS Mitigation product, based on Akamai security services, the leading provider of DDoS mitigation solutions. It offers an economical and efficient way to thwart attackers.

Free DDoS protection from Nimblu

At Nimblu we offer Managed Hosting solutions for business customers who rely on the accessibility of our infrastructure. Therefore, we operate free DDoS basic protection in all our data centres. This ensures that all types of attacks based on known patterns are detected and appropriate countermeasures are taken.

However, this solution does not guarantee that your systems will remain accessible in the event of an attack against you. The welfare of all customers within the infrastructure is more important than the welfare of individuals. In addition, downtimes caused by DDoS attacks are usually excluded from the guarantees of Service Level Agreements (SLA).

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