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Managed Cloud Hosting in Germany – simple and secure

Managed Cloud Hosting in Germany


The perfect Cloud for your business

Cloud computing has established itself in companies of all sizes. The Cloud can be used as a flexible test or development environment, to handle temporary peak loads or for the greatest possible agility and cost control.

We can help you determine the best cloud solution for your business and migrate your existing workloads to the cloud. Everything is possible from single to hybrid to multi-cloud solutions - just contact us.


Hybrid Cloud Hosting: Best performance and agility

Want the flexibility of the Cloud paired with the performance of dedicated servers?

With Nimblu, you can equip your customised Managed Hosting solution with dedicated servers as well as cloud resources to create a Hybrid Cloud.

A Hybrid Cloud means you have the right solution for every workload and benefit from an attractive price to performance ratio.

Managed Cloud by Nimblu

Multi-Cloud Hosting: Infinite Possibilities in the Public Cloud

Want to take advantage of different cloud platforms?

Depending on the application, the Public Clouds AWS, Azure or Google Cloud offer different strengths and services. We will be happy to advise you on the infrastructure, software and platform services from the Public Cloud and find the optimum combination for you.

With a multi-cloud, you avoid vendor lock-in and remain agile when developing new business applications.

grafik-nimblu-multi-cloudMicrosoft Azure

“Managed Hosting with Nimblu doesn’t just mean that your infrastructure is in the best hands. Your interests as a customer are also well looked after by your personal account manager.”

José Manuel Bravo Sánchez, Account Manager, Nimblu

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Features of the Managed Cloud


  • Professional VMware vCloud platform
  • Hosting in Germany
  • Can be combined with dedicated resources (Hybrid Cloud)
  • Support for and operation of the infrastructure from/by Nimblu
  • Best performance provided by branded hardware
  • Minimum contract term of just one month

VMware Enterprise Plus

  • VMware vCloud Director
  • High availability (HA)
  • Dynamic resource scheduling (DRS)
  • Live migration (vMotion)
  • Virtual data centre (vDC)
  • Network virtualisation (VXLAN)
  • Virtual appliance (vApp)
  • Reliable memory

Cloud platform

  • Redundancy: min. N+1 per rack
  • Shared servers
  • Guaranteed vCPU performance of min. 2 GHz
  • Broadband network: up to 1 GB/s at peak times
  • (each direction, inbound & outbound)
  • Data store scalable in 100 OR 50 GB increments

Flex option

With the Flex option, you can inflate your resource pool to double the size of the Managed Cloud solution you have ordered – just like a balloon. The additional temporary compute resources are paid for according to the amount used and duration. Perfect for all customers looking for a pay-per-use billing model.

Cloud Flex option from Nimblu

Data security and privacy in your cloud environment

Why your data is protected by us

Everyone talks about the cloud and its benefits, but many companies still shy away from using flexible cloud computing. With Nimblu, you can rest assured that your critical data is protected in the best possible way.

We host in modern data centres, which are certified by independent institutions such as TÜV Süd according to ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS. Look at our certificates and awards here:

Crisp Vendor Universe 2018

Nimblu is a brand of PlusServer GmbH, which was recognized in the Crisp Vendor Universe 2018 as Accelerator and thus as one of the leading providers in the Managed Hybrid Hosting segment.

Cloud Migration 2018 Study

Companies expect the cloud to reduce downtime, among other things, but are also concerned about data security - especially with foreign providers. Learn more exciting facts about cloud migration in the current IDG study.


Download study here

Cloud migration study

8 reasons to choose the Nimblu Managed Cloud

Nimblu always ensures optimum performance through state-of-the-art hardware and applications.

You save the costs for your own server hardware and benefit from cost-effective cloud conditions.

Your internal IT workload is decreased, as Nimblu manages and monitors the cloud resources.

The Nimblu Flex option provides a performance buffer that can be used immediately when needed.

The cloud's resource pool is virtually unlimited, so there's no limits to your growth.

Cloud resources can be added quickly to respond flexibly to peaks and seasonal fluctuations.

Hybrid solutions from dedicated hardware and cloud are simple with Nimblu.

Personal contact instead of anonymity in the Cloud: with Nimblu, your personal account manager is there for you.

What is the Managed Cloud?

Two phenomena currently dominate the business world: the digitisation of business processes and increasing frequency of innovation. New trends such as the Internet of Things and changing demand are driving companies to constantly adapt and scale their IT infrastructure. Added to this are increased demands on security, availability and performance. Yet costs still need to remain manageable and controllable.

Nimblu's Managed Cloud is the perfect solution for businesses to stay ahead of the competition. It combines the flexible scalability and favourable aspects of cloud computing with Nimblu's comprehensive Managed Services. .

This means that Nimblu takes care of the flawless performance and availability of the cloud infrastructure (IaaS). At the same time, as a customer, you retain the agility you need, don’t need to spend a large amount on IT and can focus on your business.

In addition, the Nimblu Managed Cloud enables you to meet all the privacy requirements. Our cloud systems are located in our highly secure data centres in Germany, which are covered by the strict German Federal Data Protection Act. This prevents access to your data by third parties. You do not get that level of security from large cloud vendors who have their headquarters and data centres in the US

Learn in the Cloud with Duden Learnattack

“The cloud solution from Nimblu gives us the availability and performance we need to offer our users the perfect online learning experience. There is also scalability for our future growth. We can even respond to peak loads very quickly and add more resources easily.”

Björn Hoffmann, Managing Director / CTO, Duden Learnattack GmbH


Read the whole case study

Case Study Nimblu and Duden Learnattack

Find out more about our cloud resources

With Nimblu's flexible and scalable cloud solutions, you can rely on a  professional, redundant infrastructure for your agile and cost-effective business.

More details about our cloud resources can be found in the “Managed Cloud” datasheet.


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Dedicated servers

Learn more about our dedicated servers for the best performance with brand hardware from HP Enterprise and Intel.


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About Nimblu

Nimblu is a proud provider of secure and agile Managed Hosting solutions in Germany. Find out more about our services and data centres here.


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