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S3-compatible object storage in German data centres

The perfect cloud storage solution


Exponential data growth and the growing importance of web content make object storage an attractive storage solution for businesses. As a flat file system, object storage is not subject to the limitations of conventional data storage. Scalability and unstructured data volume (documents, media files, etc.) are virtually unlimited.

Our object storage gives you a cloud storage solution that meets all the requirements of a modern enterprise. The S3 standard makes it possible to interact with many other object storage systems that also use the S3 standard.

Who/what is our object storage suitable for?

  • Media (TV archive)
  • Healthcare (e.g., CT data)
  • Agencies (production data)
  • Software developers
  • (Off-site) backups
  • Big data applications

Not suitable for:

  • Databases
  • Operating systems and applications

Object storage according to your needs (pay as you go)

We offer you object storage with attractive prices and a high degree of flexibility. You only pay for the storage space you use (pay as you go) and also have the option of setting a minimum usage amount for a specific term (commitment). In doing so, you will be given a discount on your specified minimum usage amount which is based on the length of the selected term.

Data upload to the object storage and data transfer between a region's storage buckets or from the object storage system to any other services within our network, such as the managed cloud or dedicated servers, is of course free of charge.

Cost calculator

Storage requirement



More available on request

Estimated storage requirement in TB
Term (months) 1

Price per month



Discount: 0,00 €
TB 1 - 50 51 - 500 501 - 1000 >1,000
Price per GB 3 ct 2.5 ct 2 ct On request
Months 12 24 36
Discount 5% 10% 20%
1 The example calculation assumes a minimum usage amount over the set term for the entire storage requirement amount.

Advantages of object storage

Cloud-native storage

Cloud-native storage

Object storage fully exploits the scalability of applications. The storage space available in the cloud is virtually unlimited.

Any type of data

Any type of data

Object storage gives you boundless data storage freedom. The scalable and reliable solution is suitable for many different applications.

Hybrid cloud architectures

Easy integration

Object storage can be integrated into any application or workflow, whether via the user portal or any S3-compatible client.



Secure object storage in Germany

Nimblu's object storage is hosted exclusively in German data centres whose security concepts meet the highest industry standards. Our object storage thus helps you meet compliance requirements for the storage location of business-critical data. As a Nimblu customer, you also benefit from free internal traffic between your hosting or cloud solution and the storage location.

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Easy to use

You are given access to a convenient user portal to facilitate your object storage management at Nimblu. It allows you to make the following settings among others:

  • Edit user profile
  • Query and change S3 credentials
  • Manage buckets and objects (direct upload and download via the web browser)
  • Create object shares
  • Publish files via HTTP or HTTPS
  • Configure lifecycle
  • Edit object ACLs
  • Display usage data
  • Create/change/delete users (admins only)

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